We all have a song that immediately transports us to a particular time and place from our past. Our favorite songs are the soundtrack of our lives. Visual Wave Prints gives you another way to relive those special memories.

Visual Wave Prints began as a simple passion project. While listening to Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde, the idea came to me to do something visual that reflected the music I loved. I opened up Visions of Johanna (my favorite song from my favorite album) in Audacity, grabbed the wave file, and brought it into Photoshop. After a few hours, I completed my first visual wave print. I enjoyed it so much that I continued with other songs that have meaning to me.

Please don't feel limited to MY favorite music. If you have a special song you cherish, I'm happy to create a customized design for you. If you have a song in mind or have some questions, please message me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Dan Wroblewski
Owner, Visual Wave Prints