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Balancing Art and Business: The Daily Routine of an Online Art Store Owner

As a one-person business owner and operator of an online art store, I constantly balance my passion for creating art with running a successful business. My day starts early with checking for any new orders and inquiries that came in overnight. Prompt communication is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction, so my priority is to respond to these messages and keep my clients informed about the status of their orders.

With customer-related tasks out of the way, my focus shifts to creating new art pieces. Whether painting, drawing or any other form of creative expression, the morning hours are dedicated to honing my skills and coming up with fresh ideas.
A mid-day break is essential to recharge and review any new orders received. This break also serves as a time to plan the rest of the day, which will be spent promoting my business through various marketing and networking activities. This could involve posting on social media, reaching out to potential customers, or connecting with other artists and art enthusiasts.

In the afternoon, I shift my focus to processing orders. This involves creating invoices, processing payments, and preparing the artwork for printing and framing. I then head to the printer and the framer to inspect each piece and ensure it meets my high standards for quality.

The day ends with packing and shipping the orders to customers. Again, providing a tracking number and all necessary information ensures my customers are fully informed and satisfied. Before winding down for the day, I check my emails and social media for the final time.

Running a one-person business can be demanding, but the satisfaction of creating and delivering beautiful pieces of art to customers makes it all worth it. Whether it's the complexity of the creative process or the variations of the business tasks, the journey is one of constant learning and growth, both personally and professionally.

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